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Montréal is GREAT. Like, seriously, great. The scenery is wonderful, the dining is grand, and the chances of having a good time at a Worldcon are very high, and putting all these together makes sense to us to offer to our community as a destination. Montréal is very cosmopolitan and being the most "European" city in Canada (and arguably North America as well) gives visitors a chance to experience a multilingual society. And also–it's just fun to figure out what the signs are actually saying. 

There are more restaurants (and food stalls) within a comfortable ¼ mile walking distance from the Palais De Congrès than you could ostensibly try during a Worldcon, but we recommend you try out the metro system and go to a few of the far-flung greats (after all, what’s a trip to the city without trying the bagels and smoked meat from some great purveyors)!

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Our potential site is located between Chinatown and the Old Port - both popular tourist stops and both conveniently small for those tourists in a rush. We are a short metro (subway) ride away from the Golden Square Mile - the shopping district in Montréal . And that doesn’t even begin to cover things: the museums, art installations, and so many other places to visit.

Montréal 's successful 2009 Worldcon, Anticipation, was very well received by attendees and guests alike. With this positive experience now over 15 years past we decided that it was time for another Montréal Worldcon and hope you will join us there!