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The Bid Committee

Bid chair:

  • Terry Fong. A Montréal native and a veteran of several Worldcon organizing committees. He has had major roles at Worldcons across 6 different countries on 4 continents, including DH (or DH-like) assignments 5 times.

Advisors to the chair:

  • Angela Jones. A fan of Montréal with a strong history with several different Worldcons, as well as other conventions.

  • Jannie Shea. A fan of Montréal, if not their winters, she has a strong history of working with Worldcons, and Anticipation in 2009.

  • Rebecca Downey. A Montréal native and fan of local conventions who doesn't often travel far from the Mountain.

(Relatively) New to the scene:

  • CarynLiz.

  • Guy Fietz.

  • Steven Staton.

  • Albert Sousa.

Veterans from earlier campaigns (aka the usual suspects):

  • Robbie Bourget. Involved in Worldcons, Westercons, Loscons, and Gallifrey Ones since 1984, among other things.

  • Bruce Farr. Bruce has been Treasurer or Budget Director for 10 past or upcoming Worldcons.  He also has headed Facilities, Finance, and Program Divisions and worked in almost all Divisions at various levels.  To date, he has worked almost 200 conventions, including chairing 12 conventions: including NASFiC, 2 SMOFCons, 3 World Fantasy Conventions, and Westercon.

  • Linda Ross Mansfield. Co-creator of Keycon worked as a volunteer, staff or board member of numerous conventions (including Worldcons) in Canada, US, and UK.

  • Kevin Standlee.

We continue to recruit more volunteers. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with an expression of interest and how you can help.