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Running a bid is expensive, and we wish to thank you for any type of financial support you can give. You are supporting the promotion of our bid, including (but not limited to) running fan tables, printing flyers, buying table materials, purchasing advertising at local and regional conventions, and, of course, throwing parties.

Financial aid of this type has traditionally been called a "presupport".

As an international convention, we feel it incumbent to allow a certain amount of flexibility in financially supporting our bid. We thus offer a variety of currencies that we will accept presupports in. Note the US$ and CA$ amounts are fixed; others may from time to time be adjusted given the changes within the currency market.

We expect to be present at events where these currencies are accepted.

If you are uncertain what currency to select, we prefer payments in Canadian dollar or US dollar equally as we keep bank accounts in both currencies.

If you wish to pay in Canadian dollars, click here CA$.

If you wish to pay in United States dollars, click here: US$

If you wish to pay in Pounds Sterling, click here: £.

If you wish to pay in Euros, click here: €.

If you wish to pay in Australian dollars, click here AU$.