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For a lot of attendees, Worldcons are much more than the three responsibilities that WSFS bestows. Here are a few of the highlights:

The main evening event at Worldcons for most attendees is the Hugo Awards ceremony. While Worldcons also host other awards such as national SF awards for the host country, watching the Hugos awarded is arguably the highlight of Worldcon. While the voting for the Hugos takes place several months before the Worldcon, the awards ceremony at Worldcon is considered by many to be the highlight of the convention. Many attendees dress formally for the ceremony. 

The other major evening activity at Worldcons is the Masquerade, a formal costume competition. Many costumers bring their best to show at Worldcon, and the highest level of workmanship and creativity are on display at the Masquerade. Costuming became a major part of Worldcon culture in 1982 and continues to be an ongoing activity in both informal “hall costume” wearing as well as participation in the Masquerade. Costumes include science fiction, fantasy, historical re-enactment, and more recently, anime and anthropomorphic (furry) representations. 

Worldcons offer many day activities to attendees. There are many panels and program items offered throughout Worldcons, including author interviews, discussions of topics of interest, and workshops on various topics. Since every Worldcon is held in a different part of the world, each one offers different things.

A Dealer's Room is usually included in a Worldcon. Many attendees cherish the ability to shop for genre-specific merchandise including (but not limited to) books, collectibles, art, clothing, and other items. 

An Art Show is a prominent part of Worldcon culture. Many volunteers come together every year to build a show featuring artistic creations of genre interest that are often for sale to attendees. The art show offers attendees a chance to meet artists as well as peruse items in person.

The last, and perhaps most important thing of all that Worldcon attendees find at a Worldcon, is community. Many Worldcons are bigger, more cosmopolitan, and will expose you to new ideas than a regional convention will. Being able to engage and experience a convention with other like-minded people from other parts of the world is an experience like no other and is one of the most rewarding experiences about going to Worldcon.