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Bids cost money. While it sounds fun, going to a variety of conventions to hold parties, introduce the concept of a Worldcon in Montréal, and to be seen; it's a lot of work.

Each event we attend may need:

  • Help shopping locally (to the convention) for a party.

  • Volunteering equipment or delivering volunteered equipment so we don't have to purchase more.

  • Sitting at a table and talking to convention-goers about our proposed Worldcon location.

  • Attending the party as a Montréal ambassador.

  • Helping us clean up after the party.

  • Helping us dispose of party supplies (unopened bottles, leftover foods, etc.)

If you want to help out at one of our events, we ask that you try to be a supporter of the bid. If that's not currently possible, you are always going to be welcome to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To help out with the convention or if you have an interest in programming -- that we'll always be glad to hear about after we win the bid!